Theta Chi For Life Fund


The Theta Chi For Life Fund is a fundraising project among Phi Chapter alumni to pay off the house’s debt, finance its essential structural repairs, and enliven active involvement. After remodeling after the 1995 fire, there was a mortgage on the on the house of over $120,000. With the help of brothers from every era and all parts of the country, this mortgage has been paid off. However, there are also current structural deficiencies including crumbling brickwork, complications from resulting water leakage, a problematic sewer line, a gutter system needing improvement, and other defects that we have to resolve. The Theta Chi For Life program allows you to make periodic contributions through whatever means you want and works to reduce the efforts you have to make in doing so. It operates over a 5-year period and allows you to make consistent contributions over that time. Many fellow Phi Chapter Alumni have already committed themselves to the project and are donating $200 annually over the next 5 years. These contributions will be handled exclusively by your alumni council. Your contributions are appreciated and we can be grateful to ourselves for making these contributions because they will help the organization that continues to help others.

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Please mail any checks to:

Theta Chi Alumni
PO Box 5767
Fargo, ND 58105

If sending a check, please fill out this form.

You have the option now to donate securely online through PayPal.

For more information on the active chapter, the alumni council, or any thing else, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thank You!