Phi Chapter Wins its 10th Alter Award

For the second consecutive year, Phi Chapter has won the Howard R. Alter Jr. Award for Chapter Excellence.

The Howard R. Alter, Jr. Award for Chapter Excellence was created in 1984, upon the occasion of Howard’s retirement as Executive Director, by a group of former Field Representatives who served under Howard.  The Alter Award was first presented in 1985 to chapters that met or exceeded the standard of excellence.

In 1990, a committee of former Field Representatives and Leadership and Education Consultants was formed to review applications submitted by chapters for the Alter Award.

The Howard R. Alter, Jr. Award for Chapter Excellence is the highest honor which our Fraternity can bestow upon a chapter.  The award is presented annually during our summer event to those active chapters which demonstrate excellence in several designated areas of chapter operations.  Colonies and interest groups as well as chapters may apply for recognition in most of the specific areas of chapter operations.  The Alter Award may only be given to active chapters.

Phi chapter holds more Alter Awards than any other chapter, with 10.

Other awards that Phi Chapter received at National Convention this year include the Phillip S. Randall Recruitment Award (initiating more than 30 men in a year), and the second-consecutive “Man-Mile” award for traveling the farthest distance with the largest number of brothers (28,640 combined miles to to Orlando, Florida).