Initiation Year Challenge Underway!

Phi needs you now!

The responsibility rests on us all to upkeep the House that Brotherhood Built! As many of you are aware, we have launched a full-fledged $1.9 million campaign to renovate our chapter house. There is great news: We already have over a million dollars!  All thanks to the hard work of campaign volunteers and to the donors who valued their experience in the fraternity and wanted to share it with future brothers.


However, our donor roster only encompasses a small percentage of all living alumni.  Recently, you received a letter from brother Rick Buresh challenging you to reach out to your classmates and engage yourselves in the campaign. We want every decade in the fraternity represented in this monumental time in our history! To encourage you, we’ve decided to compile statistics on class participation in the campaign by initiation year. On this page and the Phi Now! page, you can find updated numbers as we continue on our journey to $1.9 million.

Thanks always for your support! Please reach out if you have any questions about the campaign to a member listed below!



Cory Loveless, Class of ’12, Initiation Year ’08
General Campaign Chair

Rick Buresh, Class of ’71, Initiation Year ’68
Campaign Committee Chair

Class Participation by Initiation Year: Class Participation by Year
Initiation Year in the lead: 1970
Current Donor Roster: Theta Chi Donor Roster 6-3-15