Initiation Class Challenge – Update 2

Brothers have stepped up to the plate this summer by contributing over $50,000 to our PhiNow Campaign. Congratulations to Larry Fuglesten for contributing the largest gift during our 8-week alumni challenge. The Class of 1970 had the highest campaign participation percentage at 69%; 9 of 13 brothers initiated that year are on the donor roster. They’ll be treated like kings at Homecoming!

Click here for the most recent donor roster -> Theta Chi Donor Roster 8-24-15

Here’s some more news:

Building News

  • New water and sewer lines were installed this summer
  • Chapter House reconstruction slated for Spring 2016
  • Undergrads to be housed at ______ during construction
  • Campaign and Alumni Council Treasurer Jason Gates has completed our first loan application to secure short term financing as campaign pledges are received over the next five years.

Campaign Update

  • Campaign has grown $56,000 since Memorial Day; 220 donors (19% of all brothers participating) are participating. See the attached donor roster for brothers participating.
  • During this summer’s 8-week alumni challenge, the Class of 1970 had the highest campaign participation percentage at 69%, and Larry Fuglesten contributed the largest gift. Our winners will be treated with a chapter house naming opportunity.
  • Additional naming opportunities are available at the $25,000 gift level and above.
  • To make a gift, use the attached coupon and remit to Theta Chi Alumni, PO Box 5767, Fargo, ND 58102

1960s Reunion

  • Mike Morrissey is hosting brothers at (     ) the weekend of September 11-12. For more information contact Mike at:

Homecoming Plans

  • Watch the parade at a rooftop location near Main Ave. and Broadway on Thursday! We will meet afterward at Chub’s pub for an evening of reconnecting!Where: 102 Broadway Ave, Fargo, ND 58102

    When: Friday, Oct. 9 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    -Come tailgate with brothers at our usual spot and enjoy food and fellowship!

    Where: Fargodome Tailgaiting lot, west

    When: Saturday, Oct. 10 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    -After tailgating, enjoy watching the game from a comfortable spot  with brothers at our 1st Annual Watch Party!

    Where:  Coventry Dr. Clubhouse

    When: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.


Undergraduate News

  • Kevin Krueger was nominated for 2014 New Fraternity Member of the Year and Zach Thelen was nominated for 2014 Fraternity Member of the Year at NDSU’s Greek Awards Program
  • Theta Chi is the largest fraternity at NDSU at over 80 members. Fall rush begins 9/7 through the 11th


You Can Make A Difference!

“If you’ve already contributed to the PhiNow Campaign to renovate the ‘House That Brotherhood Built,’ thank you for your support,” said Rick Buresh, Campaign Chair. “You’re early support has put us on the launchpad for an exciting future. If you haven’t contributed to date, having a modern living facility that is competitive with university and off campus housing is paramount to our long term viability at NDSU. Consider a gift now as payback for a great fraternity experience at college, or as an investment in the lives of future young men.”

Make A Gift 3 Different Ways!

1. Make a 5-year pledge

2. Make a one-time gift of cash

3. Make a non-cash gift such as appreciated securities, commodities or livestock


“The bottom-line is that giving should be easy,” said Jason, Phi Chapter Treasurer. “It’s impor­tant that everyone benefits – the chapter and alumni – if a campaign gift is made.”


Working with the Fargo-Moorhead Area Foun­dation, Phi Chapter can extend a tax deduct­ible benefit to donors as well as matching gift opportunities. However, a gift made directly to the chapter can be used immediately to offset expenses and limit banking costs down the line. IRS regulations limit the availability of tax de­ductible funds on an annual basis. Please con­sult your financial advisor to discuss the giving option most appropriate for you. For questions and instructions, please contact: Jennifer Noble, Campaign Coordi­nator at 217-840-9684 or


____ I/we want to make a gift of _______ to renovate “The House That Brotherhood Built.” My /our payment schedule for the next 5 years is:

2015 $_________ 2016 $_________ 2017 $_________ 2018 $_________ 2019 $_________ Other: $_________  (pledge reminders will be mailed to you for your convenience)

Signed: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Email: _____________________________

Initiation Year: ______________

Make your check payable to: Theta Chi Alumni. For a tax deductible contribution, address check to Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation (FMAF). In the memo line, please write: Theta Chi Fund. Remit information to PO Box 5767, Fargo, ND 58105. Please contact Jennifer Noble at 217-840-9684 or for questions and information concerning non cash gifting opportunities.