Fundraiser for Teddy

Jason “Teddy” Ramstad is a familiar face for many Theta Chis, especially those who preferred to unwind at Chub’s Pub on South University. Teddy is always a smiling face when you walk in the door and a good source of conversation.

Earlier this year, after suffering a heart attack and respiratory arrest, Teddy’s liver and kidneys began failing. Multiple, stubborn infections and complications made him increasingly confused and inactive. Teddy was a blood clot or bout of pneumonia away from certain death. He wasn’t expected to live through the end of the year. At one point, Teddy was in a coma. For the full story, visit

Almost miraculously, Teddy has began to make a recovery.  However, the medical bills have added up and there is a financial need for support. Recently, a fundraiser called Tedstock was held to benefit Teddy and help him handle some of the medical bills.

Teddy is an ardent supporter of the chapter, having donated money to the chapter house during our own fundraising efforts in 1996, plowing our parking lot when the snow has piled up, and graciously hosted many pig banquet social gatherings with a welcome sign and 2 for 1 drink tickets. The alumni council of Phi chapter has unanimously agreed that we should try and offer an assisting hand to Teddy in his time of need. We have an initial fundraising goal of $2,000, but I think that it could eventually be a “two-for-one” effort — $5000 would be much better!

Please donate using the link below and once all donations are collected we will give Teddy a check from Theta Chi.  The alumni council is planning to kick in $500 as well to add to the total.

The Deadline for Contributions is Monday, May 14.

We want to give Teddy the support as quickly as possible. Thank you!