Remembering Iris Gust

Iris Gust, 77, Fargo, N.D., died Wednesday, July 31, in Sanford Medical Center. Iris was known to many Theta Chis during her extensive tenure of 22 years as house chef from 1973 to 1995 . She was known for her vivacious personality and her proficiency at cribbage.

Here is an interview with Iris from the Spring 2006 Arrow:

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Mahnomen, MN. I moved to
Fargo in 1959 after I graduated.

What was your favorite school subject?
My favorite subject was history.

What different jobs have you had?
I work at Teamsters at the same time as
Theta Chi. I also worked at Greyhound.

When did you begin working at Theta
I started working there in 1973.

What did you enjoy about being a Theta Chi cook?
I enjoyed being around the guys. I had so
much fun with them. They are almost like
family to me.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Dances with Wolves.

What is your ideal way to spend a day
My favorite way to spend a day off would
be to do some shopping and running some
errands. I also enjoy playing whist, my
favorite card game, on Wednesdays.

Do you have any stories about unusual
experiences as a cook at Theta Chi?
My favorite memory would be playing
cribbage with some of the guys.

Who was your favorite steward?
I like them all equally. They were all very

Do you have any advice for graduating
Go out and get a job that you have a great
interest in and good luck with doing so. I
wish all of you a great future.

Here are some more excerpts from brothers as gathered by  brother Ben Buresh (’06) in December 2011:

Iris served some unconventional favorite meals:

Iris Gust was the cook at the house while I was there and I was always able to get her to make anything that I asked for and I wasn’t even the Steward. On Fridays she would make “Horny Burgers” – not really sure what was in it but it looked something like a BBQ. This didn’t sit well with many of the other guys in the house as they didn’t like them and I caught heck at many Sunday Night meetings. Iris also made Chicken Cordon Bleu almost every Monday night for Formal Meal. Horse [things] and Cheese was also a big favorite for lunch – they were these 8” sausages and mac and cheese.     -Bryan Schulz ‘91

Horny Burger was LEGEND – not because of the taste, but more so because of its fearsome reputation for culling the weak, and laying waste to the intestinal tracts of the unwary.     -Paul Germolus ‘89


Monday, Aug. 5,  1-2 p.m.

Memorial service at 2 p.m.

Boulger Funeral Home
123 10 St. South
Fargo, ND 58103

Arrangements by Boulger Funeral Home and Celebration of Life Center.

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A Memorial fund for Iris has been set up to receive any tributes or gifts you would like to give in memory of Iris. A floral arrangement has already been procured by the Alumni Chapter. Any tributes received will be used to establish a memorial at the chapter house and assist in future chapter house improvements.

To give a gift in tribute of Iris, please use the link below:

Iris Gust Memorial Donations



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