Phi Chapter Battles the Flood of 2011

Schools and local businesses continue to fill Sandbag Central with volunteers willing to fill thousands of sandbags daily. But you will have a tough time keeping up with one fraternity from NDSU. The Theta Chi’s are on a mission to break a record, and they have the sore backs to prove it.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Sandbag Central, you will find one driven and dedicated volunteer group. Since the doors opened more than a week ago at Sandbag Central, the men of NDSU’s Theta Chi Fraternity have not only showed up in force. They have not missed a day of volunteering.

“Even though it’s not our home community, we go to school here and we are all students at the University. It’s important for us to be here to help.”

More than 70 members of the fraternity have showed up to fill bags. The goal is to put in 500 volunteer hours, all this from students who grew up outside of the area.

“I am somewhat proud of the town that I live in so it is a way to protect it and a way to give back to the community that has given me a place to live.”

And there is a little incentive for the Theta Chi Fraternity, the President of NDSU has promised a dinner at his house for the most successful sandbagging group.

“Fargo is a lot different then the cities, I’ve come to notice, and it is just a tighter community and I like that. And it is like if they are going to be that tight, why not give back?”

This same fraternity volunteered close to 400 hours last year. This NDSU group started here in Fargo back in 1917, wearing its traditional color red today, hoping to help hold back the Big Red.

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)

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